Agent Parker

Name: Robert Parker

Status: Person of interest

Position: Senior counter-intelligence agent at the U.I.U.

Personal Details: Parker is 175cm high and weighs 77Kg, he has brown eyes and his hair color is black. Parker specializes in defensive counter-intelligence operations. His recent exploits include the interrogation of a foundation mole in the U.I.U. and the discovery of a small Chaos Insurgency cell near Washington D.C. His hobbies include the study and collection of anomalous artifacts. Parker has several anomalous items throughout his apartment, including a pencil that draws blue lead and a fan makes a low-pitched squeal when activated1 . A thorough investigation of these items has determined that none constitute a security breach. Due to the harmless and useless nature of these anomalies Parker has been permitted to keep them. Parker has also been in contact with the Serpent's Hand. While in college Parker had a roommate by the name of ████████ ████. ████████ knew about the Serpent's Hand and he convinced Parker to enter The Library. During his time in The Library Parker [REDACTED]. Despite his time with The Serpent's Hand, several interrogations have demonstrated Parker's complete lack of contact, anomalous or otherwise, with the Serpent's Hand since.

Notes on relation with the foundation: During an incident of SCP-███ containment Parker was able to meet with an MTF operative named Willfred Wallace. After the event, Wallace was able to convince his superiors to make Parker into an informant for the foundation. Several of the interrogations and investigations mentioned above happened at this time. Since then Parker behaved admirably, making sure that the U.I.U. controls certain Safe SCPs and "loses" them once the Foundation is able to retrieve them.

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