Agent Louis Baron

Character Name: Agent Louis Baron

Aliases: Louie, Frenchie

Played by: Cavenglok

Position: Agent of the Foundation. Rookie in the Foundation, some combat experience previously. Currently just dispatched wherever, but prefers tracking down SCPs which have breached containment and gone into hiding.

Description: In his early 30's. Short, bald, large nose. Bushy eyebrows. Muscular enough, but usually uses his strength for agility rather than actual power. Speaks American English, but occasionally he slips into a distinctly British accent. He moved to France, but after an encounter with SCP-[DATA REDACTED], he underwent standard amnesiac protocols. He was later recruited for his skills with tracking SCPs. Will usually be found in collared shirt and dark pants, if not in agent gear. (Body armor and the like)

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