Agent Jacobson

Character Name: Llewellyn Anthony Jacobson, M.Eng (Agent Lou Jacobson)

Aliases: Lou, Wellyn, Los Angeles (don't ask), Mr. Jacobson, Mr. Fix-It

Member of: The Foundation

Clearance Level: Level 2

Class: C

Age: 14-08-1970 (44)

Played by: steelcitylights/steelcl

Position: Field Agent (Former Engineer)



Jacobson is a rather lean and fit middle aged man. His hair is greyish-brown, short, wavy and thinning. He is somewhat muscular due to his enjoyment of regular exercise. He is Caucasian, with olive green eyes and usually some 5 o'clock shadow. He tends to wear jeans and a polo shirt during his off-hours. He has a very calm and enjoyable demeanour most of the time, always open to helping others. He is very good with children and people in general. He seems to have a minor anomaly that allows him to resist consciousness altering devices or phenomena to a much higher degree then a typical human. He is also very intuitive and doesn't tend to be satisfied by the most obvious answer or solution to things. Occasionally he will slip into a strange state where he will do things irrationally and completely out of character.

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