Agent Daniel Reaney

Character Name: Daniel Patrick Reaney

Aliases: Dan, Rick, Ricky, Danny, Daniel, Patrick, Agent Daniel, Agent Patrick

Played by: TheMinecraftian

Position: Field Agent in Site 19 and Site 83.

Description: Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Often seen in a business suit. 29 years of age.

Background: Agent Daniel began to work for the SCP Foundation after working for the FBI for 5 years. During FBI and Foundation investigation, Agent Daniel encountered MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") personnel, and enquired as to who they were. The MTF personnel refused to reveal who they were, and Agent Daniel pointed his pistol at them. The MTF personnel pointed their guns at Agent Daniel, and demanded for Agent Daniel to reveal his identity and what organization he worked for. He told them that he worked for the FBI, and they revealed their assignment to contain SCP-████. He enquired as to what an SCP was, the MTF personnel responded with "An anomaly that threatens normalcy and even reality with it's very existence". He then decided to follow the MTF personnel and reported his findings to his superior. Agent Daniel was somewhat astonished when he discovered that his superior was aware of the SCP Foundation. He decided to work with the Mobile Task Force with this new-found knowledge in mind. Following the successful acquisition of SCP-████, Agent Daniel was asked if he wanted a position in the Foundation as Agent. He initially declined the offer, but when he was told what he would do, he accepted the offer to work at the Foundation.

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