Cattus Marius

Character name: Cattus Marius

Aliases: None, currently

Played by: Thecatwhomines

Foundation position: Security Guard, frequently deployed to different Sites

Description: 6'2, lightly tanned skin, blue eyes. Dark brown hair, but graying at the top. Wears the typical Foundation security guard uniform, with a customized helmet, half for protection and half to conceal his graying hair.

Age: 27

Background: Born in Italy, Cattus's parents moved to Wisconsin when he was three. He took an interest in history and English, and sports while in school. Cattus showed poor aptitude at maths and science, which he had a professed disinterest in. When he was 20, an anomalous event in his town caused his parents to disappear while he was out of town on a nature walk. When Cattus returned, he was confronted by Foundation agents who were investigating. He managed to negotiate with them, and they took him to Site [REDACTED]. After speaking with the Site Director there, he was put into training as a Foundation guard. Two years into his Foundation career, he was present during a major SCP-106 breach. Cattus, through quick thinking and more than a little luck, managed to distract SCP-106 for about four hours until MTF agents re-contained it. After this incident, SCP-106 showed an interest in Cattus, mainly an interest in capturing and killing him, a development which was noted by Foundation scientists. Now 7 years into his Foundation work, Cattus has grown contempt for many malevolent SCPs, and is beginning to think that the GOC may have a point in their efforts to destroy all anomalous objects.

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