Agent Ben White

Character Name: Benjamin White

Aliases: Ben, Benny (I don't want to be called that.), Ben Blanc (Don't call me that.), Benji (Don't call me that either.).

Played By: TheShyGuy

Position: Newly minted foundation agent. Currently part of Epsilon-Beta-8 re-containment team. Patrols Site 59.

Description: Brown hair, grey eyes, somewhat tall, slightly tanned, mild-mannered, rumored to have an endless supply of bad jokes, is very fond of his foundation issue pistol affectionately named "Smiley".

Background: Hired by the Foundation from the U.S. Navy seal team "Boxcar-One-Niner-Lima" 5 years of service with the U.S. Navy. Thinks SCP-131 is cute. Has a tendency to reach for his pistol during intense situations. Has utmost respect for agents and researchers, constantly bombards Foundation personnel with his endless arsenal of terrible jokes. His favorite one is rumored to be the "cigarette and boat" one. (Don't ask unless you want to hear it.). Is very outgoing and has amassed 37 different sno-globes.

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