Doctor Aege Coleman

Character Name: Doctor Aege Coleman

Aliases: Aege, Doctor Coleman(prefers Doctor Coleman)

Played By: Rexomnes Loesunenw

Position: Cognitive Neuroscientist for Chaos Insurgency

Appearance: Tall, slender, very pale, early forties, half muddy blonde half gray hair, balding, bright blue-gray eyes, a grumpy or unpleasant natural facial expression, wears lab coat with a chest pocket. Usually containing a black pen, red pen, and blue pen.

Description: While normally timid, he can be quite irrational when he is standing for something he believes. A man of logic, but he has learned to be a little more tolerant to the unexplained due to his work at the Insurgency. Quite intelligent and innovative in his fields of expertise. Has a standard of preciseness that he follows as thoroughly as possible, and silently expects other to do the same. He is introverted and selective of his friends. Has a fear of failure. This fear is what motivated him to leave the Foundation. While having good social skills he tends to communicate poorly.

Background: During Aege's education he earned Master's Degree and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. He worked with other scientists and tried to better understand how the brain functions. Aege made several advances in this field by learning a lot of things about the cerebellum. When word of this reached the Foundation it sparked their interest and they hired him shortly after. After being hired Aege spent some time learning the ins and outs of the Foundation and worked as a researcher on Site-19. During his time there he became good friends with a young man named Riven Mercer. They thought alike on many matters. After his work on Site-19 was done he was transferred to Site-06-3 where his major was better suited.

He was promoted to senior researcher once he was on Site-06-3. Here he was in charge of many different SCPs. After working for a few years here he decided to retire in this line of work. He requested he would be given an amnestic that would allow him remember events prior to the Foundation. This request was granted, and he retired in peace.

The Chaos Insurgency found out Aege left the Foundation. They offered him a job since he was out of work. He accepted as he had forgotten leaving the Foundation. He worked for the Insurgency for some time when he, again, decides to leave, but the Insurgency doesn't let him. So he is now forced to keep working for the Insurgency. He has found that their views very compelling. He cooperates quite well under the circumstances of forced labor.

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