Adrian Shephard

Character Name: Adrian Shephard

Aliases: Adrian, Shep , Mobile Task Force Unit 724

Played By: MTF Shephard

Position: Member of Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand")

Description: Average height, green eyes, brown hair, always wears an M40 gas mask, light ballistic vest, always has a P90 and G18 with him

Background: Originally a military squad member Shephard got attention of the foundation when he discovered an object with strange properties being held at a lab he and his unit were fighting at, after giving the object to his commander he was greeted by 2 men in black suits who said that they noticed how he was able to touch the object and not be affected by its properties the same could not be said for the commander who had mutated. The men in black suits offered Shephard either to work for them or have his memory blanked he chose the former and joined the MTF where he is now.

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