Adrian Shepard

Character Name: Adrian Shepard

Aliases: Adry, Adrian, Shep

Played by: WorldEdit

Position: Security staff manager, Crowd-Control specialist (During away missions)

Description: A middle-aged man with slender figure, Hair only slightly darker then his brown eyes. Some say his nose is too big, but it is only an illusion created by his eyes being a bit further apart. Wears the few medals he has proudly at all times, even when in civilian clothing, or even in his swimming suit. Covered by what can be described as "a hint at formerly having a fur", his chest has several star-shaped spots caused by depilation with paper glue.

Background: Drafted as a talented soldier from California, he moved up trough ranks until he finally found a job that is too hard for him. Nowadays, you can only talk to him if you show zero signs of ambition, enthusiasm or dedication to duty. Has a strong opinion of "the blacks" and "the homos", but nobody knows if positive or negative. Needs alcohol to get trough weekends.

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