Ada Flashwood

Name: Ada "Lovelace" Flashwood

Aliases: Programmer, Countess, Ada, Flashie, Otolyx-B4

Allegiance: Unknown

Age: 34

Status: Active

Played by: Genex Gamma

Description: Ada Flashwood is of an athletic build, presumably an athlete before she entered her current "line of work". She has large bangs, and elbow-length hair, which is always tied into a loose ponytail. Her hair is a pale blonde, though she often has it streaked with a single stripe of vibrant red. Her uniform from her current organization consists of a dark red jacket with padded shoulders and elbow-length sleeves. Only one lapel is present on the jacket, which is folded down. Underneath this jacket, Ada wears a white dress shirt and black tie. She also wears gray slacks and black boots with multiple buckles on their sides. Her most notable feature, however, is her left arm, which has several mechanical enhancements. Her entire left hand is absent, being replaced by a large, three-fingered "hand", connected to her arm via electrical attraction. The claw is capable of producing a high-energy sphere of electric plasma, which she can "throw" at will. How, where, when, and why she acquired these enhancements is unknown.

Background: Ada "Lovelace" Flashwood is has been an operative for multiple groups of interest. Under the Chaos Insurgency, she was a member of multiple raids and attacks on Foundation Sites. While allied with MC&D, she purchased several anomalous objects for her own use against Foundation Sites. Her combat specialties include proficiency with melee weapons, especially bladed, and explosive weaponry. She can also use the plasma produced by her left arm. However, she is completely unskilled with firearms, and has never used traditional bullet-use weapons.

Motto: We can't all be perfect, especially not those Foundation fools.

Addendum A-01: As of [REDACTED], Ada Flashwood, a.k.a. Otolyx-B4, has severed allegiance with any known group of interest. She has joined an as-of-yet unknown organization with possession of multiple anomalous objects. Surveillance is approved, though application of such surveillance is an issue.

Note: This woman is a serious threat to our cause. Surveillance and/or termination are both approved. It doesn't matter who she's with, people. What matters is that she's not with us.

-Dr. Ipsum

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