Welcome to the SCP-RP!

Notice: SCP-RP is in the process of being retired. Characters will no longer be reviewed, and new roleplays will not be set up. The site will remain in existence, in case anyone wishes to refer to the material generated as references for mainsite-level quality character creation or tale inspiration.

Membership is now closed. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to send a message to ZynZyn.

Prospective SCP Foundation universe roleplayers are encouraged to check out Origins and SCP Foundation Roleplay, which are both maintained by mainsite SCP Wiki site members.

Hello and welcome, thrillseekers!

What you see before you is an almost endless possibility for roleplaying, in the SCP Foundation universe. Just a quick note, this is all still in the experimental phase, so rules, guidelines and the like are likely to change as we find things that work better.

The purpose of this site is to allow an in character forum, for people to roleplay, chat, and basically flesh out their characters. The link to the forum is to your right, where the specific forums are pretty much self explanatory. But first, some rules:

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